Mission Statement

To promote and sponsor research and knowledge about, and to publish, record, restore, preserve and maintain interest in: information, data, records, cairns, plaques, buildings, sites, boundaries and locations of, or pertaining to, the history of the Chemainus Valley and its geographical historical boundaries.

Ground Breaking April 5, 2013

How we came to be:

The Chemainus Valley Historical Society was established in June 1963 by a small group who saw the need to preserve the history of the community. Soon many more joined until presently there are over sixty active members. The Society incorporated in August of 1963 and started collecting archive and artefact material, storing them in members basements and garages.

By the 1970's the Society started raising funds for a new site to showcase their collections. Everyone pulled together, one of the older homes in Chemainus was donated and was to be relocated to the Society's site. Unfortunately this building was destroyed by fire before the move could be finished.

The Members of the Society regrouped and money was raised to build a new building. After negotiations with the MacMillan Lumber company, who owned the property rights on the Water Wheel Park land, permission was granted to build the Museum in the park. By 1991 the sod was turned and the new Chemainus Museum was opened that summer.

Clearing the Site

A New Dream:

In 2010 a new goal was set, to expand the present Museum to double the size. Plans were drawn, events were planned and money was raised. The goal was and is to raise the funds and finish the project by 2016 the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Museum. It was estimated that over $600,000 would be needed to complete this expansion. Many members have spent long hours working hard to reach the goal in raising over $500,000 towards this goal. With only $100,000 left to raise the Society can see their vision coming to completion. In keeping the needed financial amounts low, the Members of the Society has volunteered long hard hours in doing many jobs themselves. Heartfelt Love and Thanks go towards all those who have been working hard towards the expansion project.

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Associated Memberships:

Chemainus Chamber of Commerce

Chemainus Festival of Murals

BC Historical Federation

BC Museum Association

Canadian Museum Association

Chemainus Valley Historical Society

The operations of the Society are to be carried out chiefly at the Chemainus Valley museum and the surrounding districts in the Province of British Columbia. The Society shall own and operate the Chemainus Valley Museum.

The mission statement is the purpose of the Society.

Upon winding up or dissolution of the Society, the assets which remain after payment of all cost, charges and expenses which are properly incurred in winding up shall be distributed to such charitable organization or organizations registered under the provision of the Income Tax Act (Canada) as may be determined by the members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution. This provision shall be unalterable.

The Society consists of the following:


           A President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary.

No officer shall receive any remuneration.

As well as the Officers there shall be a Past President and three board members forming the executive Committee (8 positions). The executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting held within the first three month after the ending of the fiscal year (December 31).

General members shall consist of any person or persons wishing to support the Society upon acceptance of the Board and paying the membership fee.

General meetings are held on the last Monday of each month except July, August and December. Executive meetings are held on the Monday, one week prior to the General meetings.

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